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In the morning I already wanted to leave, but my plans did not come true, since my mother came to Katya.
I don't like to open my soul. But it was a long time ago, and besides, Anyutka clearly wanted to talk. So why not.
At this time, I was sitting on the floor in the toilet and pulling off my pants, stroking with my fingers this most aching hole requiring affection and sweet dick. I thought about what your penis tastes like, how warm smooth a large head it has, what it would be like, looking into your eyes, to walk along the bridle with swollen lips smeared with your sperm, and then along the wreaths with a soft relaxed wet tongue, lick the head, cover eyes, put your hands down, one stroking your chest, and the other inserting your fingers into the pussy, fucking yourself with them while you drive your cock in my face. What a pumped-up elastic ass you have, how great it will be to squeeze it when you stick me up to the very balls, how my lubricant will flow down these balls. And how else they will slap me on the big bright lips, causing shudders and uncontrollable groans. I think about your whole young tanned body about every finger: hands make me wildly excited at the sight of me, I know that they will be what I will allow them to be arrogant shameless demanding strong or careful and affectionate. You yourself are like your hands. Hands... Those fucking protruding tubercles of veins that you want to circle your tongue, breathe quickly and shallowly, choking with excitement while rubbing your flowing pussy against your shin. To feel with my lips tense muscles, stony in a spasm of contraction and tension, I know what will happen after you undress me to the end and your cock rested on my trembling stomach. Yes, you are a good, right boy who respects women and will never do anything against their will. And if I ask you, if I say that I want to feel what you think, what is read in your depraved eyes, when you look at my erect nipples under a sweater, lick your lips and try to restrain yourself so as not to fuck me right there in the elevator, when you carefully escort home.
check this out.. - It will be the maximum pleasure to finish in your mouth, you are a super girl. Now I'll give you some napkins.
It was already completely dark outside the window, and the naked girl was still hugging him. She felt him all, as she felt his fears, his thoughts. Very soon, the second shift will come to study, although they did not care. All the same for the whole world, for everyone. They were in an embrace, they were still one, their kisses were no longer rough, he did not glare at her, but kissed her with some tenderness.
Galina appeared on time. It was, indeed, a young woman, even a girl (looking up to 25 years old). She was a tall brunette, about the size of me (about 180 centimeters), a little too big, her chest was a little small, and her butt was a little big. Otherwise, she could be called beautiful. It clearly read Ukrainian roots. Beautiful large dark eyes looked directly, intelligently and seriously. She was wearing black leather pants and a black sweater.
Very nice and comfortable, - Olya noted, hugging herself by the shoulders, - only cold.
Well, how? she asked uncertainly.

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No, I can't take it again. So I go fast.
Okay, then let's see how you give a blowjob. Herc picked her up and put her on her knees, after which he said:
click here.. Won't you scream? I asked.
I'm sorry, I'd better go to bed.
We looked into each other's eyes with each movement, clinging closer to each other, until there was no distance between our lips. She sucked my tongue, and we melted into a passionate hot kiss, it seemed that apart from the remnants of sperm in her mouth there was no more liquid. I melted into orgasm, and there were still smudges on her chin and cheek, which I tried to lick off and give to her.
Inna passed, but it didn’t work out very well. Rita began to prompt and show her. Got better. I showed Inna her first and last video. It was heaven and earth.
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